When it comes to recently hyped up vehicles, the market is full of high-profile automobiles. The Audi e-tron definitely fits the bill when it comes to this subject, but this SUV certainly lives up to its own hype. Here's a bit more interesting information.

The new Audi e-tron is an SUV that delivers a superior driving experience. One of the more interesting facts about this automobile is that it comes with dual-asynchronous motors. These motors are electric-based, and they'll generate a combined 402 horsepower. Audi's engineering technology is seamlessly integrated into the SUV for optimum performance. The LED lighting of this machine is magnificent in design and in function. The rear LEDs are constructed into a horizontal design that stretches across the frame, and the front LEDs are intricately styled with flare.

Audi is offering reservations for its new e-tron SUV. For more information, you'll need to stop by our dealership.

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