David Vazquez and his 2019 Audi S4


David Vazquez landed his current job as an Audi Brand Specialist after initially applying for the wrong position.

When David received his first call from Audi North Orlando, he realized his mistake and told Julia Pezold, customer relations manager, that he did not want the position for which he applied. She gave his application to another manager and encouraged him to call because David presented himself in such a professional manner.

Now, a year and a half later, David always looks forward to coming into work because he loves seeing all of his coworkers. Unlike his previous job where he was capped out, this job motivates him with the potential to grow and work his way up.

During his time away from work, he works as a professional gamer. His main game is Halo, but he plays several other games on a professional level. His 2019 Audi S4 is named after his gamer tag, which he decided not to share because it might not be appropriate.

The S4 is his second Audi. His first Audi was a 2018 Audi A5 that recently sold. One day, David would like to get an Audi R8. He likes sports cars and is into racing, so he believes that car would be the perfect fit.

David’s advice to anyone looking to start out in the automotive industry is to put your head down and be patient. While it’s an exciting industry to work in, a lot of time will be spent waiting.

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