Proper detailing of the vehicle you drive around Sanford, FL can keep it looking like new. Audi North Orlando can give you sound advice on different techniques that will remove dirt and get rid of scuffs from all parts of your car or truck.

Pet hair can build up on your carpets and be difficult to remove with just a vacuum. Using a brush at the end of your vacuum hose can help loosen stubborn hairs. A pumice block is also good for gathering up stuck hairs so that they can be easily vacuumed. A hot water extractor is a great way to get deeply embedded dirt out of your carpets. Dry scrubbing carpets before using one can make it even more effective.

For scuffs on the plastic parts of your car, an all-purpose cleaner and microfiber rag can be used. Difficult spots can be dealt with by using isopropyl alcohol.

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