Motor Oil Myths

Regularly, we encounter motor oil myths at our dealership. We want to help you become a more-informed auto owner, so let's address a couple of those myths now.

Many drivers believe that putting synthetic oil in a car once mandates a permanent switch from conventional oil. That is not true. Synthetic oil offers several benefits to your engine, but using any oil within the guidelines advised by your auto's owner's manual provides sufficient protection. Despite what some folks might tell you, switching back to conventional oil from synthetic oil will not damage your car.

Other folks believe they can safely use one oil filter through several oil changes. This is a bad idea. Changing your oil while reusing your filter can cause oil contamination and engine damage.

Bring your oil questions to our service center at Audi North Orlando in Sanford, FL. Our team of certified technicians can debunk any oil myth, and we can expertly service your car.

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