How to Clean Your Headlights

You may not be aware of how much your headlights have become dull over time, until one moonless night when you are driving down the highway and begin to notice that your vehicle lights are dim and that it is difficult to see. It is important that you have clear headlights, and it is a simple task to clean and restore them yourself.

The first thing to use to clean the headlights is toothpaste, which works nicely on plastic and fairly well on glass. If that does not help, try insect repellant with DEET but be careful to add it directly to the rag and avoid touching the paint. If these cleaners do not do the job, you can get headlight cleaning kits that contain abrasives and detailed instructions on how to use them.

If you find that cleaning the headlights yourself is not the solution, bring your vehicle in to our service center at Audi North Orlando in Sanford, FL, and we can replace the headlights and provide any other service you may need.

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