Does the Audi A4 Have an Attention Assist Program?

Recent research shows that there are many drivers on the road that are traveling drowsy. They are so tired that they begin to wander on the road. Drowsy driving is associated with increased accidents and injuries. The Audi A4 comes standard with an attention assist program.

The attention assist program is an analysis tool that starts at the beginning of each trip. The program stores information on your driving habits during the early hours of your drive. After short trips, the program will clear and start to take in information again when you start to drive again. During a long drive, the program watches your driving performance. If you begin to show signs of fatigue, the system issues a loud warning to return your attention to the road.

At Audi North Orlando in Sanford, FL, we demonstrate the attention assist program so you will not be shocked when the alarm sounds.

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