Timing Is Everything with Cabin and Engine Air Filters

Are you aware of the last time your cabin and engine air filters were replaced? If you’re unsure, or unaware that your vehicle even had these parts, you’re not alone! Many drivers in the Sanford area are unaware that those parts need to be inspected on a random basis.

The filters play a significant role in your vehicle. The cabin air filter defends your vehicle interior against harmful pollutants, while the engine air filter shields internal engine components to help their performance level. While an engine air filter is slightly easier to gauge replacement due to miles normally driven, it’s nearly impossible to do the same for a cabin air filter.

Depending on your driving patterns as well as the environment, both filters might need to be changed more often than other maintenance that is scheduled, or even less. Contact Audi North Orland for your next service appointment and ask about having your cabin and air filters inspected!

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