The Light and Zippy Audi A3

If you're on the hunt for a car that can dominate any path you take, consider the new Audi A3. This popular compact luxury car is carefully engineered to have enhanced performance. Every detail, from the frame to the suspension, is chosen because of its lightness and impressive performance.

The lightweight design of the A3's body helps to make it more agile on the road. The subframe is predominantly made of aluminum. It's accompanied by MacPherson struts on the front wheels. There's also a dynamic axle kinematic to take the weight down even further. On the rear wheels, you'll find a four-link suspension system that helps to keep the weight of the car balanced.

Drivers in Sanford can also get advanced performance features in the new Audi A3. We here at Audi North Orlando are excited to show you what this car can do. All-wheel drive models are equipped with torque vectoring. It can help you stay stable through curves by applying light braking pressure to the inside wheels to simulate torque.

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