Your Brake Pads Are the Key to Stopping Your Vehicle

Your brake pads are what make contact with the rotors creating the friction that slows your car, truck, or SUV to a stop. That is what makes them so critical to the overall operation of your braking system.

When you press the brake pedal the master cylinder forces brake fluid through the system to your calipers. The calipers are where the pads are housed. As the brake fluid reaches the calipers they compress and that is what causes the pads to make contact with and squeeze the rotors. That is what ends up stopping your vehicle.

Obviously, your brake pads are the piece of your brake system that are going to experience the worst wear and tear as a result, so you will find yourself replacing them more often than any other parts of the brake system.

If you think you need to have your brake pads replaced then bring your vehicle into the service center here at Audi North Orlando in Sanford, FL.

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